Monday, January 8, 2007

South Beach...

So I decided to go on the South Beach diet. No telling how much I am planning to lose, that is for later...but suffice it to say, it's alot. I found this neato ticker online and decided to use it to track my mini goal. I am going to weigh tomorrow for the first time (one week), so wish me luck. I'll keep you all updated on how it's going and if I find any really yummy recipies.


Caroline said...

hey there!

I started SBD on Dec 27th too!
I'm weighing in only once a week (Saturday mornings) and I'm down 5lbs in my first week :)

Here's thinking healthy eating for us both!!!!

Sherri R said...

Cori and I started SBD on same day. We are trying to keep each other motivated :) I should have done a weigh in today but I didnt. So I will tomorrow! Hope we all 3 drop the pounds! Hugs, Sherri