Monday, January 8, 2007

Prismacolor and gamsol...

A few of you have emailed or posted and asked about my prismacolors and gamsol coloring.

Gamsol is an odorless mineral spirits that you can use to blend regular colored pencils with a blending stump. You can buy it at most art supply stores or online at quite a few craft stores (just google gamsol and you will find a bunch)

A blending stump is a little pencil like thing that is made with rolled up paper. You can use them over and over again by just filing off the used part with a nail file or a sanding block. I got my first set at Office Depot of all places. You get a whole little kit with some stumps, an eraser, sanding paper, and some other stuff that is slipping my mind at the moment.

The prismacolor pencils that I use are NOT watercolor, they are just the regular prismas. I bought them on ebay for a great deal...something like 17 dollars for a new tin of 48. This would normally sell at Michaels for over 50 bucks. Check out ebay if you are looking for some, just be sure to buy new unopened ones.

When using this technique, I tend to use Whisper White or Shimmery White cardstock from Stampin' Up. I love their cardstock and think that they look the best. When I do regular watercoloring, I tend to use reinkers and a paint brush or the Watercolor Wonder crayons (also from SU!) and a paintbrush. For this I use Stampin' Up's watercolor paper. It is a great quality paper, and it makes it easy to control your colors.

I hope this helps all of you a little bit. If you have any more questions please feel free to email me at or just leave a comment. I'm so excited to see when someone posts one! tee hee hee I'll be back later tonight to post a card or two for ya!! Thanks for checking in!!

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~pl said...

Thanks for this post!! It is really helpful.... I have to get all the supplies and try this. It sounds like fun!