Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Desert Museum

Today I took Jaden to the Desert Museum. For all of you who don't live in Tucson, the DM is a huge outdoor museum that is built into the natural desert habitat of all the animals. It is really pretty neat, but it is so hot here that you only want to go in the winter, lol. Funniest part of the trip was that Jaden's favorite exibit was the hummingbirds. They are in a huge "cage of sorts" that is actual desert, enclosed in like a greenhouse, with a little path. The hummingbirds are so used to people that they will just fly right up to you. One actually landed on Jaden's shoe. I really wanted a picture, but since I was so close to Jaden, I couldn't move to get the camera or the little guy would have flown away. Oh is a picture of the little one that landed on Jaden. He stayed on this branch for a long time so we could all get some pics of him. I'm loving the new camera...I'm amazed at some of the pictures.

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Elizabeth said...

Not to freak anyone out, but my grandmother's ashes were spread there. She went to AZ every winter and spring so she can watch her favorite birds. Iowa must not get many. Anytime I see a hummingbird I think of her.

Thanks Cori!