Monday, January 15, 2007

Magic card tutorial

Ok, so I figured it was about time for another tutorial. This card seems really complicated, but it isn't...I promise!

The supplies that you need are
*paper cutter
*window sheet/transparency
*stamps (lol)
*hole punch
*large punch for the window (optional)

Step 1- Take an 8 1/2x11 sheet of stamped cardstock and score it down the middle lengthwise at 4 inches and then again at a half to a quarter of an inch on one side also lengthwise.

Step 2- Turn the cardstock and score it down the middle widthwise at 5 1/2 inches.i

Step 3- Now cut the bottom piece that has the 1/2 inch score completely off.

Step 4- Take your large punch and punch a window on the piece that is on the right side by itself. If you don't have a large enough punch, use your paper cutter to cut one out.

Step 5- Take your cutter and cut a small 1/8th inch wide and about 5 inch long slit at/above the score line between the top and bottom piece on the left side. (are you still with me??)

Step 6- Now unless you are using a white card base, you will need to add a piece of white to the bottom piece of the left side. That is where your image will be shown.

Step 7- You can put the card base to the side for a minute. Take a piece of Whisper White cardstock and a window sheet. Put the two together and use your cutter to cut out the piece that your images will be stamped on. The size you need is relative to the size of your window. You will need the width of the pieces to be just slightly smaller than your slit you made, and the length to be longer than you window length. (make sense?)

Step 8- Stamp your image onto your White piece and color it in. Then take your stampamajig, and use it to position your stamp so that you can restamp the same image on the window sheet and it will line up perfectly with the one stamped on the cardstock. After they are stamped if there is a little discrepancy on them lining up, you can line them up and trim one slightly to make them match right. (this will only work in slightly off images) You may need to stamp your window sheet a couple of times to get the hang of things.

Step 9- Cut two small strips of cardstock that are slightly longer than your image pieces are wide. Adhere them to the very bottom of the image pieces.

Step 10- Back to the cardbase now. First fold the bottom piece up towards the top left piece at the score line. Now fold the right piece over the left. If your card is upside down now, flip it over and right side up. You will know it is right because you want the window facing you and the slit you cut at the top of the card. White should be showing through your window.

Step 11- Open your card up like a book. It should have a left side with the window and the right side should have the flap with the slit on top. Slip the piece that is on cardstock and colored behind the flap and pull it through the slit. It should stop at the top and not pull all the way out. Now do the same with the piece on the window sheet, except that it is in front of the flap. (This piece would be able to be pulled out, but it won't because it will be hooked to the piece behind the flap.

Step 12- Now take the two pieces and pull them up together so that they look like only one image. Take your hole punch and punch through both pieces.

Step 13- Take your ribbon and tie the pieces together.

Step 14- Finish embellishing your card. You are now finished. When the piece is pushed down you should have a black and white image. Now pull up on the ribbon. Both pieces should pull up together and the colored image should "magically" appear!!

I swear it took WAY longer to type than to create. If you have any questions please let me know!!


Allison said...

Wow...thanks for a great tutorial. I will be adding this to my "Cool Blog Entries of the Week"...that, and trying to make my own magic card!

Elizabeth said...

I love these cards. Thanks for the tutorial.

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

ohhh ya know I have this tutorial at home yet haven't been insipred to make one. seeing yours...well may have just inspired me...thanks.