Monday, December 11, 2006

Pretty Ornaments...

Ok, isn't this just the prettiest?? I made some of these at a workshop I did yesterday. Love em! They are really very easy, and if you buy the ornaments this week I think they are 50% off at both Michaels and Joanns. You can use any of the clear glass ones.

Step 1- Carefully take the topper out of the ornament.

Step 2- drop in about 20-25 drops of Classic ink refill (lighter colors tend to be better)

Step 3- Swirl it around and around until you coat the entire ornament

Step 4- turn it upside down in a small cup or on some folded up paper towels

Step 5- when it is completely drained, funnel in about a tablespoon on Dazzling Diamonds glitter. ( you can use a powder pal or a small kitchen funnel)

Step 6- Shake, shake, shake...

Step 7- put the hanger carefully back inside the ornament

That's it!! Very simple and pretty...a nice way to customize your ornaments to suit your needs. The one pictured above is made with Cool Caribbean ink!!

Happy Monday everyone!!

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