Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh my goodness, thank you!!

I am part of an amazing little group of Stampin' Up demonstrators from all across the country. We all met online, and have become great friends. We dubbed ourselves "The Amigos"...anyhow, we did a secret santa exchange this month, and my package came yesterday!! WHOO HOOOO!!

I just really really want to thank my dear friend Sherri Riley for the awesome package of goodies. She sent me all of this amazing fun stuff, including two brand new rolls of ribbon, a mono adhesive refill (which my poor double stick tape fingers greatly appreciate!), two of my favorite candies, tons of embellishments and fun ribbons, a stamped candle, brads, notecards, envelopes, and two very very cute Christmas Ornaments, one of which was for Jaden which he totally adored.

I think he was even more excited about being able to hang something else on the Christmas tree **wink** Here is a picture of him hanging it up on the tree. I think he blinked as a took it, so his eyes are all funky...but you get the point, lol.

Well, my brother and new sister-in-law are flying in today from Tennessee, and are expecting a wedding I better go get to work, lol. Happy shopping!!


Sherri R said...

Cori, you have completely blessed me this year. It was the least I could do to send you a secret amigo package that would make your day! Thank you so much for being a dear friend to me. You will never ever know how you touched my life! Thank you for the surprise I got a while back :) Hugs, Sherri

Sherri R said...

PS... I am so happy Jaden liked his ornament. I made them for my kids this year too and they loved them :) Hugs, Sherri