Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Prima share

So the other one filled up so fast and I have had people asking for spots, that I decided to open up another share. The primas are slightly different...the lady that I order from is running low after my last order. Anyhow here are the details.

This share is slightly smaller so there will only be spots for 5 people to join. Below is the list of the flowers that are in the share. Like the other split, everyone will get an equal share of all the flowers. In this case it would be 1/5 of each. This share will cost 15 per person and include shipping to either the US or Canada.

2 packages of the Saint Martin flowers Approx. 10-16 blooms per share

2 packages of the Trinidad flowers Approx. 10-16 blooms per share

1 tray of the Ambrosia Sorbet collection Approx 1 three layer blooms per share

1 package of the "Big Box Blooms" Petal Poetry 2 collection Approx. 2-3 blooms per share

Along with these larger blooms, you will receive a 1/5 of a bag of Itty Bitty Blooms, and 1/5 of six packages of smaller three layered flowers made out of soft velvet fabric in three different colors (approx 8 blooms).

I have 4 people who have contacted me that they are interested. They have first dibs on a spot until I hear that they are not interested. The last spot is up for grabs.

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