Saturday, June 2, 2007

Post it note holder

I stopped at Office Depot today to pick up some bubble envelopes. While I was there, I came across these cute little pop up post it note holders. They are a really heavy acrylic holder and use the pop-up post it notes.

What was totally cool about them is that they came with an insert. A removable insert...and what do stampers do with removable inserts?

We remove 'em and make new ones!! lol

So, I bought one even though it was ridiculously priced I thought (12 dollars). I go through post its like they are going out of style. Mostly for masking pieces of my projects. If you didn't know, post its are the BOMB! for masking. They are thin enough that they lay flush with your project, and the removable adhesive is awesome. I always have 4 or 5 pads of post its laying around on my desk and in my studio, and thought what a cute way to store and display a much needed tool on my desk?

We all know that half the fun of being a stamper is organizing your tools, hehe. Anyhow, I know the picture isn't the best, but I thought I would give you a peek at my "bright idea" of the day. Convertible Female Now be careful driving in your rush to buy post it note holders! *wink*

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