Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ok, I'm gonna give this another shot...

Won't you please join my little A*muse swap? Pretty Please?? Please I really need the points for the Ambassador contest. The "famous" bloggers are killing me in points cuz everyone wants to do their swaps, lol. You get 30 points for every swap with 6 participants.

So, pretty please won't you swap with me? This time around I would like to try and host a 4x4 inch full card swap. I need 6 participants...I'll be the 7th, cuz I don't count. The cards will be due to me 2 weeks from the date the swap is closed.

To sweeten the deal, I'll even throw in a great surprise prize to one lucky swapper. I'll let my 5 year old pick out his favorite card and then send the winner a prize along with her/his swaps. Can't tell ya what it is, but it will be from A*Muse!

Maybe the begging is working...
1. me!
2. Sarah Bertolino
3. Heather L.
4. Ally Blankenship
5. Chris Hauck
6. Tiffany Walls
7. Nancy Woltman


Heather Leech said...

Hi Cori,
Can't help you with the blog stuff, but I may be able to with the swap. I live in Canada, though, so return postage can be a pain unless I send you some cash. Also, I think I only have maybe 3 A*Muse stamps other than the skinny ovals. I think the only image I have is the margarita glass...let me know if this will somehow work. I can't stand to see a grown woman I'm kinda' addicted to swapping.
C ya'!
Heather L.

Cori Bravo said...

OMG Heather that would be awesome!! If you would like to join that is great! You can just send me a couple o bucks for postage and I'll mail you back whatever isn't needed!

I think I actually fixed the html myself....maybe I'm more tech savy then I thought...hehe

Ally Stamps said...

Cori, I'll join, I am hooked on a*muse now to and I love love love square cards!! Count me in!

Michelle said...

I would love to join, but I don't have any a'muse stamps and my LSS doesn't carry'em!
I wish you the BEST, though!