Monday, June 11, 2007

I told you my mojo is gone.

This card looks like I made it 3 years ago when I first started stamping, lol. What I was thinking when I colored this frog turquoise is beyond me. Maybe the antibiotics are eating my creativity? Grrrr!

Ok, here it is...I don't like it. Not really at all. I like the way the scallops match the ribbon. That's all, lol.

Sorry for the boring post. Hopefully my mojo will be back soon! Please mojo fairy? Please bring it back...


Marie said...

Cory I hear you on the MOJO. I swear mine comes and goes when it feels like.

Your card is cute and I also like how your scallop edge matches your ribbon. Your composition is not the problem - maybe it's your colour combo?

I bet this card would be awesome in another colour combo.

Don't give up and it's great that you are posting it all because then you can look back and see where you've come from and where you've been.

Marie said...

Sorry I spelt your name wrong - I have a friend named CORY and I automatically typed it that way!


There I think I've got it now!

dd2njoy said...

Hey you never know maybe we do have blue frogs with all the chemicals out there!
I like your card!!