Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm sick...AGAIN!

Sickly Woke up this morning and can hardly swallow. My throat is red with white spots...I think I have strep...I'm going to drag myself to urgent care, only cuz it's closer than my doctor's office. I feel like dog doo...maybe I'll be back later...thank goodness it's not contagious through the computer, lol.


dd2njoy said...

Ahhhh poor you!!! Hope you feel better soon!! Take Care!!

Gigglangel said...

Are you feeling better this afternoon?
Hopefully you got some good meds to kick in the booty whatever crud you've happened upon.
Take care!

kk127g said...

You better not be sick next month!!!!!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

get better Cori!! I hope you don't have strep!! Take care of yourself..Chris