Friday, May 18, 2007

A*Muse ATC swap...

So no one wanted to join my swap (insert sad face). It seems that only the "famous" bloggers can get a swap going. Stinks cuz you get 30 points in the A*Muse ambassador contest if you have a swap of 6 people. No 30 points for me...ok, I'm done whining now, lol.

Anyhow, since no one would join mine, I joined Taylor's. I just love this little bear stamp. I think it is so cute.

All the paper is from the Clarksville local scrap store (Memories in Bloom) who prolly think I'm crazy since I've been there 3 times in 2 days. What can I say, it's boring while the bro and sil are at work. Anyhow, the paper I think is all Bazzil and the patterned paper is Chatterbox. Very pretty I think.

The bear is stamped on white cardstock in Noir Hybrid ink and then colored in with Prismacolor markers. I masked him off (having to use cardstock instead of a post it, so it isn't perfect, grr!) and then stamped the skinny small oval stamp with French Blue chalk ink so that he could have something to sit on. I mounted him on a mega scalloped square (that I bought today, hehe) and mounted it on the atc base.

Next I used my signo white pen to dot the scallops, and tied some ribbon around the bottom. I had planned to use the stitched taupe ribbon around all of them, but somehow 3 yards wasn't enough for 10 atc's??? Maybe it was measured wrong, who knows. Anyhow, for the couple that I didn't have enough ribbon for, I used the sheer polka dotted ribbon. I think they both look a-ok with their different ribbons.

What do you think? Would you be ok getting this as a swap?? I think I have a swappers complex. I never am quite sure if it is good enough, lol.


Cheryl said...

I am so sorry that no one joined in your swap. I have always thought about it, but my stamping abilities are not that great yet and I would be embarassed to have someone get one of my swaps. Maybe someday, so please try again, ok? I love your work and to me you are a superstar stamper!!!
Cheryl Sims

kathy said...

I also would have joined except I only have 1 amuse stamp but plan on getting more. I also am not as talented as you but given time I can get there. I love visiting your blog