Thursday, April 19, 2007

Danelle Box

Ok, so here is the project that I worked on all day yesterday...well between cleaning Jaden's room, washing the dishes, 3 loads of laundry...well you get the point haha.

This is the Danelle box from Bare Elements. It is WAY cool! I got mine at Michaels with a 40% off coupon (it was 21.99 regular priced) but you can get them online from eclectic paperie for a bit less if you don't have a coupon. If you click on the "Danelle Box" link above, you can see what it looks like before I altered it.

The Danelle Box comes with 12 little board books inside. I'm planning on using it as a mini scrapbook for each month of the year. Since I'm already 4 months behind, I better get to work, lol. I'll post pictures of the mini books as I get them finished.

The above picture is one of the box slightly opened. This way you can see both the inside and the outside. To begin with, I painted the entire box with some Making Memories scrapbook paint (I forgot the colors but they were like a cranberry and a grey). Then I cut pieces of the American Crafts 6th Ave. line, to cover the main pieces.

Here is a picture of the front cover so you can see the way cool paper too!

I used modge podge to adhere the papers, and once they dried, I used a fine grain sanding block to sand the edges of everything. This gave the piece the worn vintage look I was going for, and removed any places where the paper was overhanging the box or where you could feel the paper's edge. Once I was done sanding, I added about 3 coats of the modge podge to each piece to seal it. (I let each layer dry before I added the next.)

For the inside of the book, I pulled out the little shelf and papered it the same way. Then I added some paper to the inside, modge podged it, and put the shelf back in. I am really liking how this turned out. I need to come up with a new way to open and close it, as I'm not especially fond of the plain black ribbon that it came with.

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