Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whoops I forgot...

So my baby Jaden turned 5 last month, and we had a party for him at a local bowling alley called Bedrocks. It's kind of like a Flinstones themed bowling alley. Anywhoo... he had lots of little kiddies from his preschool come, and his mother (me..cough cough) who makes cards, failed to send out thank you's in a timely fashion. Whoops! So I had a very guilty concience and hurried up (haha a month late) and made up some cards to send with him to school on Monday. I used my new Paisley Print and Print Pattern background stamps, the cute little elephant from Wild ABout You, and the sentiment is from a birthday greetings set. Everything is from Stampin' Up. On the inside of the cards it says ....and then I forgot. *wink* Hopefully they are funny enough to get the other parents to forgive my bad manners...what do you think?

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kk127g said...

Wow Girl,
Great Job. Now I have to do one. LOL
Love the picture too.